GSN Trading Insights: Anatomy of a Trade $GILD
December 08
Trading Insights & News

We often like to take a retrospective look at our trades, by doing so, we can take this information and use it to help us become better traders moving forward. Analyzing past trades, for better or worse, is a must for any trader if they truly wish to improve their future performance.

GSN Trading Insights: Giving Back Some Gains Is Just Part Of The Process
December 07
Trading Insights & News

Our methodology of swing trading to position trading means that we may leave some open profits on the table along the way and the thought of that can make many traders uncomfortable.

December 06
Trading Insights & News

While TTP favors more trend type trades over breakouts, there are instances where we will take on breakout trades, and one of those is with IPO's. Some of these can be fresh new issues that have just come to market and have only been trading for a week or two, or they can be issues that have been trading several months to a year, or so. Today we find three stocks that have attracted our attention.

GSN Interviews today’s top day traders and investors

GSN Interview with Richard Gobel, Founder of Strategic Stock Trade
May 16
Trader Interviews

Today we will be talking to Mr. Richard Gobel, owner and operator of Strategic Stock Trade. Mr. Gobel has more than 30 years of experience in the investment business and has developed a trading strategy based on technical analysis and proprietary algorithms.

GSN Interview with Tim Weintraut, Founder of Alpha Wolf Trading
May 14
Trader Interviews

In this episode of we will be talking to Mr. Tim Weintraut, founder of Alpha Wolf Trading. Tim’s mission is to help new and struggling day traders, swing traders and long term investors achieve sustainable success through his educational blogs and videos.

GSN interviews innovative, up and coming small cap companies

PositiveID Corp.’s E-N-G Leads Fast Growing Mobile Labs Market
April 25
Company Interviews

Mr. Probst discusses the company's leading product, the E-N-G Mobile Labs Division, its target market and growth strategy.

PositiveID Could Make Portable Bio-Hazard Detection a Reality
April 17
Company Interviews

PositiveID Corporation is a life sciences tools and diagnostics company with an extensive patent portfolio.


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